BrQthru is a leading local company working with adults, young people and children to assist in breakthrough to personal transformation. Our profits are re-invested for the benefit of the community.
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BrQthru’s services include:

  • Counselling
    when you want a trained professional to listen as you explore your thoughts and feelings about life challenges or personal issues
  • Play Therapy 
    non-talking therapy for younger clients. This may include working with sand trays, art materials or other creative media
  • Theraplay 
    attachment-based play for parents and children
  • Creative therapeutic skills
    for individuals or groups
  • Parent coaching
    equipping parents/carers to better understand their child’s emotional and behavioural choices and triggers to enrich family life
  • Training
    for schools, Children’s Centres and other settings to help staff offer appropriate support to children with attachment, behavioural, emotional or social difficulties
  • Capacity – building interventions
    to help staff support children ‘in-house’ as much as possible through co-regulation, emotional intelligence, resiliency and mindfulness
  • Team building
    and coaching support
  • Clinical supervision
    for those wanting support for professional practice

Our expertise is ideal for referrals from…

  • Schools and Children’s Centres
  • Social Services
  • Housing Trusts
  • Medical Professionals
  • Families, Couples or Adults

Head Teacher endorsement of BrQthru approach

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